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Las Vegas favorites delivered through
state-of-the-art vending machines

The right vending machines can enhance your break area and boost employee morale. Imagine the convenience for employees and guests of delicious food and drink options onsite. We provide a popular variety of fresh and brand name products including healthy alternatives, all personalized for your location, employee, and customer needs.

Every vending machine we supply includes state-of-the-art technology for a better user experience. Infrared technology inside the vending machine detects whether a vended product has dropped, guaranteeing that vending machine users either receive their product or get their money back. Plus each solution is customizable, it can be free for your business, such as traditional vending, or subsidized where your company carries all or part of the cost of the products.

Enhance the value of your break room with better vending machines from Las Vegas Vending Machines at 702-597-9999 or

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